Sunday, 21 January 2018

Legacy of Spectre over systems continues

Spectre and Meltdown is still a nasty rash businesses need to get rid of. It was reported last night that the original patch was causing computers to reboot and now Intel is, again, working on a fix for the problem. New patches will cause performance degradation, so businesses have to be proactive when managing application performance.

Heading into Europe before the launch of Cisco Live Barcelona, Eric Wright, Tech Evangelist at Turbonomic, a provider of hybrid-cloud resource management technology for NASA, Barclays and JP Morgan Chase, said:

“Performance issues that occur as a result of patching the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities will be a challenge for many organizations over the coming weeks and months. Companies are already reporting performance impacts after patching on-premises and cloud infrastructure, and preparing for an increase in public cloud bills since it will now take more time to process the same amount of data. While there are no common metrics available yet, based on what we’re seeing in the market there is a real and impactful reduction in performance. In addition to optimizing workloads for both cost and performance, IT teams need to have modelling and planning capabilities can help to accurately measure the impact of changes to utilization and performance. This enables organizations to be proactive about performance impacts as they take the necessary measures to ensure their environments are secure.”#

Is your business effected?