Sunday, 18 February 2018

Our revised vision for Silicon Ireland News

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I can remember us all sitting around our dining room table in 2008 planning the first Silicon Ireland event, and launching this blog. We didn't know where it would take us but we knew that we had to do something.

The Irish tech market was in its infancy and we were all amazed by what Startup Weekend had done to the tech scene in just 54 hours!, so much so that Andrew Hyde the founder was keen to run its first European event in Dublin. Nobody really understood it but look how things have changed.  Fast forward 10 years and the Irish Tech scene is now at the heart of Europe's burgeoning tech ecosystem.

As time has developed we have tried to move with it. Moving our focus back to the local scene, startups and the up and coming events that promoted the tech scene across the Island of Ireland. We have seen the Web Summit launch with just a few hundred people and become a Europe Behemoth to rival anything in the World and move to Portugal.

We have always tried to be the voice of the little guy. Providing homegrown links to what was happening. That is harder today as the big players grab the attention. But we still are excited by all the upcoming new tech.

So after a lull in our output we have changed our batteries (or maybe that should be recharged) and have headed back to the drawing board to plan our next 10 years.

So please check back with us as we plan for our 10th Birthday celebrations and release our upcoming strategy with you.

We thank you for reading our blog of the last 10 years, and continuing into the next 10.

Thank you

The Silcon Ireland News Team 2018