Friday, 2 March 2018

ZeroDayCon Conference Dublin

CYBERSECURITY experts from around the world will gather in Dublin this month for the
third Zero Day Con conference at The Convention Centre.

Delegates will hear how Irish companies are being hit more than ever by “whaling” attacks, a form of phishing scam where company CEOs are the target. One leading cyber security firm, SmartTech247 estimates that such attacks have increased 200% in the last year alone.

An example of “whaling” is when criminals become aware that a CEO is out of the country, and use the opportunity to impersonate them and ask for money. Their modus operandi is to instruct staff not to contact them, and to instead transfer the money to a bank account.

CEO of SmartTech247, Ronan Murphy said: “Knowledge is the best form of defence for cybersecurity attacks. By providing a combination of thought leadership, awareness and engagement, Zero Day Con brings together experts from around the world to discuss security architectures that provide higher levels of security posture. Education is key to tackling this global issue as we move forward.”

Zero Day Con will take place on Wednesday, 7th March 2018 at the Convention Centre, Dublin. Speakers this year include Head of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau including the Irish Financial Intelligence Unit, Pat Lordan; Deputy Commissioner at the Office of the Data Protection Commissioners Ireland, John O’Dwyer; Ronan Murphy, CEO of Smarttech247and tech investor, Pat Phelan. There will also be speakers from leading companies such as IBM, Laya, Kerry and Johnson Controls.

Head of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, Pat Lordan said: “Every country in the world, every State in the US is suffering from cyber attacks at the moment. Criminals are becoming so technical and are experts at deception. Information is more valuable to them than money.”

He added: “We can’t stop all online fraud and cyber enabled attacks but we can educate businesses and people to prevent them. It’s not just big businesses that are being targeted, it’s companies of all sizes. Education is the way forward and is something we as an organisation are planning to do more of this year.”
Detective Chief Superintendent Lordan advises anyone who feels they have been a victim of business email compromise, whether successful or not, to contact their bank or their local Garda station immediately.

This year’s conference will address ways to identify and respond quickly to cyber security events. The leading experts will be in Dublin to share their knowledge and best practices. In addition, the conference will also feature an area designated for technology companies to demo and share their latest innovations, products and services.

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