Monday, 9 April 2018

Data Industry leaders to turnout for launch of ‘Industry of Substance’ campaign

Key findings on the momentum of the data centre industry in Ireland are set to be revealed at the 2nd data symposium in DCU on the 10th of April.
Host In Ireland in association with IC4 and the RECAP project will run the event. Findings from the Data Centre Ireland: Q1 2018 report in partnership with Bitpower and Host In Ireland will also be released and will coincide with the HII launch of its industry of substance campaign.
The economic benefits of data centres in Ireland and challenges facing the Industry will be discussed as will Ireland’s current position in the digital revolution. Keynote addresses, panel discussions and Q&A’s are set to dominate the agenda for this unique event. Speakers on the day include:
  • Garry Connolly (Host In Ireland)
  • Maurice Mortell (Equinix)
  • Tanya Duncan (Interxion)
  • David McAuley (Bitpower)
  • Alec Leckey (Intel)
Data Centre Ireland: Q1 2018
The aim of the report from Bitpower is to outline new developments and growth experienced in the industry following the last quarter findings which were released in November 2017. The construction, planning and tracking of data centres will also be discussed.
2nd Data Symposium
Recognised globally as a ‘Digital Gateway to Europe’ insights into the importance of data centres in Ireland will be unveiled alongside latest research in fog computing and the fields of edge. Rapid growth, the future of data centres, sustainability, power capacity and offsetting energy footprints will also feature on the agenda.
Ireland has become a hub for data centres with tech giants Amazon and Facebook all setting up major European data centres here. At present there are 17 data centres in Ireland operated by hyper scales, 12 data centres by private operators and 12 by co-location providers.
Delegates in attendance will be given a unique insight into latest findings and also be given the opportunity to network with data experts from all across Ireland at the event. As an optimum location for hosting digital assets, Ireland’s future with data centres and the hosting hemisphere will provide attendees with a one of a kind insight into data and what Ireland must do to bridge the challenges facing such a fast growing industry.
The event which is open to the public is free of charge. It takes place at DCU from 08:00-14:00. Attendees can register their place through visiting