Thursday, 19 April 2018

Facebook gets ready for GDPR Compliance

This week, Facebook will begin asking users for permission to use their personal data, the first official move by the social network ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline set for May 25, Facebook said in a Tuesday night blog post.

Starting first in the EU, Facebook will prompt users on the site and the app with "permission screens" that will ask users to approve whether they want Facebook to be able to use certain personal data for features like facial recognition or to target ads based on political, religious, and relationship details.

That permissions prompt will roll out in coming months to users in the US and the rest of the world.

Users won't be able to prevent ad targeting altogether. The prompt will only give users the option to "accept and continue" (meaning they must accept Facebook's policies before proceeding), or "manage data setting" (through which users will be able to manually limit the kinds of data that advertisers can use to target them).

Business Insider Intelligence analyst Audrey Schomer has the full story.